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Executive Compass Lists Mandatory Items on Pay Stubs and Wage Statements that California Employers Should be Aware of

San Diego, CA, December 18, 2020-Wage Statement and Pay Stub requirements differ from state to state and can often have seemingly tedious policies in place for compliance. For business owners in California, it is essential to understand what is required to be included on pay stubs and that specific items are addressed. A few things business owners don't want to miss listing on their pay stubs and wage statements include the following:


1. Payment Period


2. Gross Wages


3. Itemized Deductions


4. Net Wages


5. Total Hours


6. Applicable Hourly Rates


7. Employer’s Name & Address


8. Employees’ Name & Employee Number or SSN


9. Accrued Paid Sick Leave


10. Supplemental COVID paid sick leave


Getting assistance to ensure a business complies with everything needed on wage statements can prevent serious liability and potential fines. Executive Compass is well equipped to assist business owners as they navigate these requirements and regulations. Technical mistakes can easily be made, but with an HR Consultant in San Diego like Executive Compass to assist, business owners can avoid the headache.


Paul Labounty Senior Vice President of Alliant Employee Benefits spoke of working with Executive Compass saying, "Serena’s follow through and professionalism are two of many attributes that make her a great part of any management team. It's my pleasure to know and work with such a trustworthy, dedicated, and committed organization founded by Serena. For all of your HR needs, I recommend that you contact Executive Compass!!!”


To learn more about how the HR Consultants in San Diego at Executive Compass can benefit your business, visit the Executive Compass website!

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Executive Compass is an executive-level HR specialty firm strategically designed to navigate businesses in the complicated and ever-changing working world of today. From recruitment and onboarding to employee performance, benefits, organizational development, and employee relations, there’s no step in the business life cycle Executive Compass is not equipped to handle. Contact Executive Compass by visiting, calling (760) 504.6352, or emailing

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