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Compliance/Administrative Services

At Executive Compass, we assist businesses with HR administration and compliance tasks. From employee recruitment to retention, we assist you in creating robust HR programs and practices! A few of our specific services include:
  • Employee Relations/Investigations
  • Employee Handbook Policies/Procedures

  • Processes/Forms

  • Job Descriptions

  • Records Management

  • Benefits & Retirement Plans

  • Leaves Management Services

  • Workers’ Compensation

  • Performance Reviews  

  • Required Trainings  

  • Payroll


Want to know more about the specifics of each service?

Learn how each component can benefit your organization below!

Employee Handbook/Policies/Procedures

Establish effective guidelines to manage staff and make your business run efficiently. Executive Compass has the experience and the knowledge to be a resource to you in establishing meaningful policies and procedures that will actually make a difference!


Executive Compass can establish processes and forms in your organization that will make the workflow and collection of data streamlined.

Job Descriptions

Get support creating accurate, complete and ADA required job descriptions for each of your positions. 


Executive Compass will assist your organization in staying organized with record management by ensuring important records are identified and preserved.

Benefits & Retirement Plans

Get support creating excellent employee benefits and retirement plans! We can assist you with navigating through open enrollment meetings and the tough decisions that come along with it. Executive Compass is here to guide your organization and employees through determining and choosing the best benefits and health plans. 

Leaves Management Services

Executive Compass can manage your organization’s leave or time-off requests in the most efficient ways that do not distract from day to day work. 

Workers’ Compensation

Executive Compass can be a resource to your organization so you can handle workers' compensation cases quickly and efficiently to avoid legal issues.


Knowing and understanding OSHA regulations is essential to be in compliance with federal laws, but also to ensure your employees have a safe work environment. Get advice from Executive Compass so you are up to date on being OSHA compliant!

Performance Reviews

Improve your business and your employee relations with performance reviews. Executive Compass can assist you in executing meaningful performance reviews that are beneficial for both parties and lead to management and employee development.

Required Trainings

Executive Compass can support you in establishing required trainings that are needed by law and useful to employees. We can develop a compliance training calendar that would include skills, leadership and compliance training building on federal, state and local required timeframes. (ex. Preventing Sexual Harassment, Bullying in the Workplace)

Talent Management/

Find valuable employees and create a more productive work environment with Talent Management and Recruitment services from Executive Compass!

Executive Compass has experience working with various clients who own small to medium-sized businesses. With education and expertise, Executive Compass can navigate you through your HR administration needs.

Need assistance with Human Resources? Executive Compass serves business in Southern California including the areas Oceanside, Del Mar, Encinitas, San Marcos, Carlsbad, Escondido, San Diego, and La Jolla. Contact us today!

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