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5 Surprising Company Culture Mantras from Best Workplaces

San Diego, CA, June 04, 2022- Company culture brings out the best workplaces, but there are surprising mantras that employees or owners may or may not know. Since Covid -19, we have experienced a variety of workplace environments. Throughout all these occurrences, we can now identify between a good vs. a bad workplace culture. As a business owner, improving your employees’ workplace will benefit the company and the employees’ experience. 


Human Resource firms want to create a well-rounded atmosphere for employees and clients to return. They are there to help solve any business challenge and offer efficient solutions and a sense of reliability. Executive Compass acts like a true extension of your business and wastes no time in building a work environment that is fair, open, and accountable. At our firm, we are honest. That being said, we will share five surprising company culture mantras from the best workplaces.


1. Youth are not only ones with perks

Is your organization's strategy for gaining attraction and talent focused solely on Gen Z and Gen Y representatives? If so, there is no problem or shame in that, but we can’t forget that millennials are one of the largest generations in the U.S. workforce. 

Let’s not forget about the old generation. Workplace culture and perks don’t just revolve around the Youth. Aron Ain, CEO of UKG, stated, “A lot of the things that the people who are younger want are very similar to what the people who are older want.” He has a point. We all want time off, flexible hours, and most importantly, to be trusted. 


The younger generation wants to spend their time with their friends, while the older generation wants to give and visit quality time with their grandchildren. Although it might look like two different involvements, they still result in the same conclusion, wanting flexible hours.  


2. Safe space for work but by the law 

For too long, companies have been hyper focused on following the guidelines of the law regarding an anti-harassment environment. Only using the law as your staple does not show a “safe workplace” to new employees and honestly does not say much about the company's principles. 


When putting the work in the hands of lawyers, they will draw the line, which is a low bar. For your organization to represent its values, you have to set the bar high. By presenting your morals and showing a safe space, employees' experience will be healthier. Too often, employees are treated like they are in a bubble. They feel this way from no diversity, inclusion in one place, and circling the environment around sexual harassment and compliance. Because of this, it shows businesses are not paying attention to the culture of their company and what affects it. Providing a safe space with healthy interaction between employees and bosses will increase everyone’s time. 


3. Have the uncomfortable conversations 

Creating a comfortable space comes with uncomfortable conversations that need to be held. But how do you do that? The answer is simple, vulnerability. 


Everyone has felt uncomfortable, hurt, or excluded at some point in their lives. Together, these need to be addressed to generate a community of honesty and openness. Hearing stories of these painful times makes a connection instantly. Usually, conversations are held about how we are different and respecting those differences, but there have to be more storytelling discussions. Having conversations about these instances will open the door to having those difficult exchanges. 


Companies are constantly growing. Building an environment encouraging such conversations will reduce the back talk, snarkiness, and disunity. 


4. Inconsistency 

Never enough advice. Building a company culture takes time. It takes understanding your personal company and knowing what needs to be contributed to produce a well-rounded business culture. Our world does not stop changing. With new ideas regularly circling, it shifts the environment and promotes different types of leadership methods. It might benefit the team, but it can also cause them to be unsure of how to behave in a certain space. 


For your organization, setting down the principles of your company will discipline the employees in following and continuing to work rigorously within the company. 


5. Give your employees a purpose

Chasing your customers. Manufacturing a business on pursuing growth of cost and not your customers’ values will drive the company down the wrong path. Trying to chase targets will steer your employees to go outside the core ethics of your company. 


Having your company focused on chasing customers and not targets will increase the amount of loyal customers. This is one of the most successful ways to keep your business alive and expanding.  The whole purpose of a company is to create an influential firm to impact consumers. No customers, no business. By letting your employees understand the core business and where the growth needs to be, they can focus on how to attract the right customers and fulfill their needs. Because at the end of the day, this will keep your company flourishing. 


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