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  • Evan Wirig

How to Become A Leader Employees Admire

When running a successful company, being a leader who inspires and earns the admiration of employees is crucial. It's not just about having a fancy title. It's about embodying the qualities that make your team look up to you. What are the essential attributes of a leader that employees admire? What valuable insights can strengthen your leadership skills?

Lead By Example

As a leader, you set the tone for your team. Your dedication, integrity, and work ethic show your willingness to get in the trenches with those you lead. You understand their struggles and know how to overcome them.

It is a sad reality that many teams do not have these kinds of leaders. If you are in a position to show your team what you may not have received, this is your chance to shine. Be the role model your team needs.

Communicate Effectively

You must be an expert communicator to be the leader your team will admire. This means being able to delegate and issue assignments when needed and taking the time to listen to your team’s ideas and concerns, along with a plan to address those concerns.

Foster that open line of communication and be transparent about what you are looking for from your team. Only then can you build trust, collaboration, and relationships.

Empower and Delegate

Each individual on your team has strengths and talents to be utilized properly. Like a well-oiled machine, it helps to have the right component in the correct place. After all, it’s ineffective to use a screwdriver on a nail.

There’s also the possibility of hidden talents people on your team have. And while this is a calculated risk, it can pay off. Allow each team member to shine with tasks that align with their skills and interests. Trust them to take ownership and you’ll skyrocket their confidence and loyalty.

Foster a Positive Work Environment

This should be a no-brainer and an obvious win-win for leaders and employees. Your employees will be happier, and your company will thrive too. Embrace diversity, promote inclusivity, and encourage collaboration. Recognize and celebrate achievements, offer professional development opportunities, and prioritize work-life balance. When you do, you'll foster a workplace where everyone can flourish.

Invest In Employee Development

Any effective leader wants their team to succeed, not just as a unit, but as individuals at the same time. When you as a leader are as invested in their success as they are, you are looking for things to help them learn, grow, and become effective and loyalty-promoting leaders themselves.

Seek out training programs, mentorships, and career advancement paths that follow their current trajectory. That way, their skills and motivation will be enhanced.

Lead With Empathy

It’s time to be honest with ourselves—empathy matters. A compassionate leader understands and empathizes with their team, including their needs and challenges.

When improving your leadership skills, take the time to actively ask for feedback, address any concerns that arise, and offer flexibility when appropriate. Team members who feel valued and understood will likely have that loyalty aspect found nowhere else.

Encourage Innovation With Adaptability

In today’s fast-paced business world, innovation and adaptability are crucial. As a leader, you need to encourage your team to think outside the box, take calculated risks, and embrace change as it happens.

The culture you create for your team must welcome new ideas, allow experimentation, and learn from failures. Foster that dynamic and resilient workforce. Your business will thank you.


Becoming the kind of leader employees admire takes effort and growth. By embodying these qualities and implementing effective HR solutions, you can create a workplace that inspires and motivates your team. Remember, being a leader positively impacts your employees' lives and careers while driving your organization's success.

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